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Here at Hong Hong Sports Clinic we see physiotherapy as the science of movement and biomechanics. We aim to understand what is less than optimal in your posture, movement patterns, and muscle and tissue balance to get to the underlying source of your issue. We then use a wide variety of manual therapy techniques to correct the muscles, joints and neural tissue. We send you home with a simple exercise program to help continue to solve the underlying cause.

Osteopathy uses adapted manual techniques that range from structural to functional, including cranial and visceral approaches.

The osteopath seeks to define and treat the origin of the symptoms, which can sometimes be seemingly unrelated to the initial complaint expressed by the patient. Therefore, it is a truly holistic approach to one's health that addresses the body in its entirety.

Do you want to optimize your recovery after surgery? Do you want to get back on your feet at soon and as safely as possible?

At Hong Kong Sports Clinic, our therapists are highly trained and skilled in guiding you through your recovery process and back to health.

What is good posture? How do you stand properly? Trying to sit correctly but its too difficult to maintain?

At Hong Kong Sports Clinic we can answer all of these questions and teach you to improve your posture and avoid that dreaded ‘hump’.

As the name suggests, yoga therapy combines an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and injury with yoga to help people out of discomfort and pain. It is particularly useful in relieving workplace-related and postural aches and pain of the shoulders, neck, back and hips.

Did you know that physiotherapists treat dizziness? Some physiotherapist are experts in the anatomy of the vestibular system (inner ear) and are well-equipped to help rehabilitate many dizziness disorders.

Did you know that a high proportion of reoccuring headaches and migraines and caused by stiffness in your upper neck?

At Hong Kong Sports Clinic our therapists are highly trained and skilled in the treatment of these types of headaches.

It is scientifically proven that a painful chronic musculoskeletal condition cannot be cured without a relevant exercise programme, and that the use of TENS machines, or having your back cracked are merely temporary solutions for pain-relief.

At Hong Kong Sports Clinic, this is the area in which we excel, and we tailor exercise programmes specifically for your individual needs.

Specific needling to encourage healing, reduce muscle tightness and improve biomechanics is a useful addition to the management of most musculoskeletal injuries and pain.

At Hong Kong Sports Clinic we know how to get the best results with our needles.

Do you feel like your body is not balanced when you are moving? Do you want your tennis serve assessed for flaws? Are you hurting your back when squatting even though your trainer tells you you have a good technique?

At Hong Kong Sports Clinic we are trained to detect ‘suboptimal movement’.

Optimise your performance and prevent injury.

At Hong Kong Sports Clinic we can give you a massage specifically tailored to your needs.

Diastasis recti abdominis is one of the main musculoskeletal problems encountered in postnatal women. It is not uncommon for abdominal changes that occur during pregnancy to affect women a long time after giving birth.

At Hong Kong Sports Clinic, we offer a new approach that combines osteopathy with a world-renowned system of treatment. We combine individual "on table" sessions with exercises and group classes that will help you get back in shape as fast as possible.

Carrying an injury? Want to prevent an injury?

At Hong Kong Sports Clinic we know the correct techniques for running. As a result, we can accurately assess any weaknesses in your approach and tailor a plan to correct them.

With advancing age we are more suspectible to a number of conditons, including arthritis and diabetes. Balance and strength can also become an issue.

At Hong Kong Sports Clinic we are experienced in helping people manage these conditions, with the aim of maintaining your quality of life for as long as possible.

Brain and neurological injuries and diseases can be difficult for not only the person with the condition but also the family. These types of conditions occur in both adults and children.

At Hong Kong Sports Clinic we are experts in movement and are therefore ideally suited to helping you or your loved one improve and maintain their movement capabilities.

Sports physiotherapists are experts of human biomechanics and movements. If you want to improve your sports performance, talk to one of our therapists; we have many methods to help you improve the sequencing of your muscle usage, thereby optimising your performance.

Do you represent a company that wishes to look after one or all of your employees’ physical health?

At Hong Kong Sports Clinic we offer ergonomics and work health assistance.